Gia Marie Carangi - USA Celebrity, Super Model

Gia Marie Carangi
Gia Marie Carangi

Gia Marie Carangi, a famous model from the United States of America, was born on 29 th January, 1960 in Philadelphia. Her father Joe, owned a string of hoagie shops in the outskirts of Philadelphia & her mother Katherine was a homemaker. Gia Marie attended Abraham Lincoln High School in the northeastern of Philadelphia & she was a great David Bowie fan.

Biography &  Career of Gia Marie Carangi:

Gia Marie Carangi was a street-smart kid &  experimented with alcohol, marijuana, &  pills when she was  a teen. Maurice Tannenbaum, a well-known hair stylist &  an aspiring photographer at that time, marked  & clicked Gia for the first time. In the early 1978, Gia was 18 & went to New York &  instantly rose to fame in the fashion industry as a supermodel. She was stylish, cool & shrewd.

Gia Marie Carangi featured on the cover page of "Vogue", a fashion & style magazine on 1st April, 1979. In August, 1980 Gia also featured in the American Vogue, in 1981 for Italian Vogue & many other issues of 'Cosmopolitan' in between 1979 &  1982. However, Gia Marie’s last feature for Cosmopolitan was a contribution by Francesco Scavullo, a photographer of that time.

There is even a popular song titled "Gia" about her by Fabolous Disaster & a movie called "Gia", where Angelina Jolie played the lead role by potraying Gia &  her fast but tragic life.

Gia Carangi presented unusual poses & facial expressions for the first time in the fashion industry. She finished her life journey at the age of 26 on November 18, 1986.

What made Gia Carangi famous?

Gia Marie Carangi was famous of her time because she was one of the best models & like the newspapers wrote the first supermodel. Her working with the most important people from the modeling world made her famous & put her to the top of the celebrity while appeared in many magazines & newspapers. She also was famous for being favorite model of the photographer Scavullo.

Why do people like Gia Carangi still now?

We like Gia Carangi because she was a gorgeous woman who made a great career like modeling &  who appeared in many prestigious  magazines &  newspapers. We also like her because she was physically good to look with her decent face & had her own personality.


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